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5 May 2020 : Clean Your Hands Day

May 5 is Clean Your Hands Day. In the context of the coronavirus crisis, this day takes on a very special meaning.

Ali Baba and You is carrying out several projects to improve the hygiene of the most disadvantaged populations in India and Pakistan.

Have you ever dreamed of saving lives?
Wash your hands!

20 November 2019: World Children’s Day 30th anniversary

On 20 November 1989, the Convention of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. The World Children’s Day is organized on 20 November each year in honour of this convention.

In India, Ali Baba and You come forward to promote the “Right to Education” of children. The association finances the construction and operation of five schools, which allows 700 children to attend school.

19 November 2019: World Toilet Day

November 19 is World Toilet Day. A day to remind that more than 4 billion people do not have access to toilets, especially women and children.

In India, Ali Baba and You helps to reduce inequalities by participating in projects to create toilets for disadvantaged families.